Electric Quilt (virtual) Classes and lectures (EQ8)

Electric Quilt 8 taught by Barb Gardner

Electric Quilt 8   (EQ)    Classes can be conducted virtually during the pandemic.

Have you ever used graph paper and colored pencils to plot a design? Then you need an eraser to change it all.  Or made up lots of blocks only to find out they are not working.

Let EQ8 make your computer a virtual design wall. It’s so much faster and easier than graph paper and colored pencils or making sample blocks and using a design wall. It’s the ultimate video game for quilters!!

Play with color, design and pattern ideas. Rotate or mirror blocks, recolor, add sashing, draw original designs, figure yardage, create borders (with the corners automatically calculated), generate accurate patterns, audition quilting designs and more with the click of a mouse.  Plug in a pattern you own to change colors, rotate blocks, add sashing, change sizes, etc to make it your own.

See how this powerful program can improve your designing skills. Many of the commands are what you are already familiar with from computers, phones and iPads. It comes in a PC and Mac version so everyone can join in the fun.

Visit www.ElectricQuilt.com to see details on how this computer program can change your quilting life. There are lots of tutorials & projects to explore. Facebook has several EQ related chats to follow to give you an idea of what this amazing program can do.

Barb is a beta tester for the program and has been teaching EQ classes for over 20 years.  Traditional, Modern and Art Quilting will be covered, along with a trunk show of EQ designed quilts.   

 Visit Barb’s web site at www.GardnersDelights.com  for contact information.

EQ Classes   Demonstrations and hands on classes are available.

Classes and demonstrations give a student who owns the Electric Quilt program the confidence to go home and play with it. Those with EQ7 or Mini and who are considering upgrading to EQ8, will see all the new features.  It’s also excellent for someone who just wants see to how it works before making the decision to purchase it.   A tour of the program will help you decide!

Play with color, design and pattern ideas. Rotate or mirror blocks, recolor, add sashing, figure yardage, generate accurate patterns and more with the click of a mouse. No more math to get the designs you want.

Use a pattern you own to change colors & sizes, add sashing, adjust borders, etc. to make it your own creation.   

Come to see if this tool is for you.

Demonstrations do not require owning the EQ software.  Those who do own it will gain confidence to explore it on their own.  Its lecture only and appropriate for all levels. Classes usually run 2-4 hours.

Hands on classes with the EQ program give students the confidence to explore more on their own.   Students need to own the program and have a portable computer.  Two could share a computer.  There will be projects for beginners to advanced students.   Hands on classes usually run 3- 6 hours but can be customized to your group.   It comes in a PC and Mac version so everyone can join in the fun.

Lecture — Evolution of a Quilt (The Electric Quilt Program). 

A 45-90-minute lecture for guild meetings.  Barb brings a computer and projector for a live demonstration of the program.  A dark room and screen large enough for all to see is needed.   A show of quilts designed in EQ is included.

Come into the computer age and use your computer screen as a virtual design wall.  

Electric Quilt is the ultimate video game for quilters.  No more making up fabric squares, only to find they aren’t “working”.

Most of the commands are very similar to standard word processing tools and your smart phone.   Traditional, modern and art quilts will be discussed.

For those not interested in computer design, Barb will show lots of quilts on the screen and in person to keep you entertained.  She will also talk about creating a successful quilt design.

Come book now to see it in action.   Barb is conducting virtual lectures and classes during the pandemic.  GardnersDelights@comcast.net 



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