Machine Quilting for Beginners

Machine Quilting

The pattern says “Quilt as Desired.” What do you do?? If you have little or no machine quilting experience but would love to learn how to execute those beautiful patterns, this is the class for you.

Explore sandwiching, needle & thread options, choosing the right design, marking your quilt, doodling, invisible starts and stops, working with large quilts, etc. Discuss selecting a design to compliment your quilt and learn to design your own patterns. A variety of tools will be available for your use.

All the supplies are things you will have in your sewing room and no book or patterns are needed. Class time will be spent practicing on sample pieces so you don’t need a finished quilt. Many tools will be available for students to try.

Half or full day class. Labeling and sleeves will be discussed in longer classes.

Get out of the ditch and explore your horizons.

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